Elikill58 released this version on Jul 2, 2020

1.3 MB

Invalid Name feature ! Someone have unauthorized name like “§cname”. Now, you can kick or ban them. By default, all are kicked.

New cheat detected : Timer !

Warn: XRAY is specially for minerate and NOT for real alert.

New Speed and Air Jump check !

False flag fixed :

  • Forcefield flag when hit entity on water
  • While swimming: step/fly alert
  • Jesus with water

Fixed :

  • Check menu inventory error
  • Tnt explode while teleporting on other world error
  • Fix ban system. I recall: if you’re using “file” system and you have “notBanned” permission, you will not be banned.
  • Item could appear in inventory

Finally, there is some optimization :p

This release has no dependencies