Elikill58 released this version on Jun 27, 2020

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New /negativity verif ! Now, there is a REAL verification of player ! Do /neg verif [duration time (default 10s)] [cheat…] Just: not all cheat are verified yet, but we are working on it !

The commands have been renamed (and they are all removable):

  • negativity (alias: neg, n)
  • nban (alias: ban)
  • nunban (alias: unban)
  • nmod (alias: mod)
  • nlang (alias: lang)
  • nreport (alias: report)

The alias will be used only if they is not another plugin that use the command.


  • New translation: Czech Republic (cs_CZ) ! (Thanks to Disordeon#1824)
  • Implement FakePlayer for sponge !

Updated :

  • Translation system have been edited (new files, more messages…)
  • Lot of optimization !
  • Fly check
  • 2 new forcefield checks
  • Jesus check

Fix :

  • TPS checking (was rounded to lower)
  • Possible error while moving between world with opened inventory
  • Some startup log warn message
  • Teleport could create problem
  • Some connection problem

Falses flags fixed :

  • Fly with slime block
  • Jesus when fight in water
  • NoFall when jumping and placing block
  • Forcefield while hitting boat

This release has no dependencies