Elikill58 released this version on Apr 4, 2020

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All late from Spigot have been removed !

New Ban System (Link for wiki: https://github.com/Elikill58/Negativity/wiki/Bans) ! (Only for Spigot and Sponge. Not for proxies) You can use file or database.

Added Spanish translation thanks to SolitaSolaa (on Spigotmc) ! (es_ES)

Fix bug :

  • Important: Proxy integration have been revisited to prevent bug
  • Forcefield : Error when hit
  • Mcleaks : Some error could appear when player join
  • Chat : Some problem with log and insult finder

False flag :

  • Speed : Alert when you are on Web or on Water
  • FastStairs & Spider : Alert when jumping on stairs
  • Other little false flag like Step. Then, we have removed useless code.

This release has no dependencies