Elikill58 released this version on Feb 15, 2020

934.1 KB

Lot of new things ! (Config file MUST be removed)

Now, Negativity support Velocity proxy !

New :

  • Nuker
  • AirJump
  • Chat (for insult dans ‘plugins’ hack)
  • McLeaks information (in /negativity )
  • Config reload for Sponge

Fixed :

  • Lot of false positive (NoFall, FastLadder, Speed, AntiKnockback, AutoSteal)
  • Multiple stats
  • Alert messages
  • Removed hack ‘All’ and ‘Timer’ (now included in blink)
  • 1.7 messages (not in UTF-8)

We are working on a new database system, to save all data on sql server, which is coming on next update.

This release has no dependencies