DrZoddiak released this version on Apr 6, 2020

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This release changes the way the plugin works almost entirely. It is for testing purposes and is not ready for production servers.

NOTE: This doesn’t convert from the old system of doing things, the config is likely incompatible, theses issues will be resolved at a later date once this build is a bit more stable

Changes available in this build

  • No longer check lore, we apply custom data to the item
  • Commands have tab completion
  • Commands also have changed their usage
  • (Pending sponge issue) Anvil support for allowing users to bind with items
  • Inventory click, you can prevent users from pulling bound item out of chests
  • Prevent bound items from being taken from natural item clear
  • Nucleus kit support, bind on redemption of a kit

I’ve put a few hours of testing into this and the only issue I’ve seen so far has been the anvil erroring out and sometimes duping items. (again pending sponge issue)

If you test this build and find any bugs please let me know via discord https://discord.gg/MksBS4g

or post them on my github issues repo https://github.com/DivineGenesis/BetterSoulBinding/issues