User permission for this plugin are not required. In-fact by default they aren’t even used. The permissions are only if you mark them as being used in the configuration file.

Admin permissions however are required if you wish to: Use the help command, add/remove items from the config from in-game, add/remove soulbound too a specific item.

User Permissions:

soulbound.user.pickup - Soulbinds items to user on pickup

soulbound.user.use - Soulbinds items to user on use (Rightclick/Leftclick)

soulbound.user.keep - Allows the user to retain items after death

Admin Permissions: - Displays help text

soulbound.admin.addlist - Adds items to the soulbound list (item in hand)

soulbound.admin.removelist - Removes item from the soulbound list (item in hand)

soulbound.admin.addsb -adds Soulbound trait to item (item in hand)

soulbound.admin.removesb removes Soulbound trait from item (item in hand)

Category: Role Playing

Published on Oct 9, 2017




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