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Open websites in Minecraft

The main command is /webbook or /wbk for short. Or /url if you fancy that.
The syntax is as follows: /<command> -s -c <url> [target].

  • url is the website to load and display
  • target is a optional parameter specifying who’s supposed to see the website.This parameter requires the permission webbooks.url.other
  • -c will open the website paginated into the chat instead of as a book.following links will open a book reguardless
  • -s this can not be used with -c as it supressed any output. Instead the website will be stored away in a physical book.Links that execute server-commands will not work well with those!This option requires the permission webbooks.save The base permission to use the command is webbooks.url.command


The config file provides options to proxy the requests. This is usefull as every website will be loaded by the game-server. So going to any website will expose the ip to it. Not like you can just lookup the ip by the server-name, but it’s there as a feature.
Keep in mind tho that any response from the web-server must happen within 3 seconds before timing out!

Additionally you can specify a url to display when a player joins your server. This might be usefull to have a dynamic greeting message, automatically updated rules or what ever you come up with to write on your webserver.


Pages are basically selected by document.querySelector("ul.book").children().

Player data are sent using POST data, making it a bit easier to repush GET data from links within the webbook.
All available Data are listen below and use a slash ‘/’ as data separator, so the location data may look something like this:
Location=-820.4/5/723.2 meaning the coordinates are X -820.4, Y 5, Z 723.2

Example PHP showcasing the required html structure for books to load:

//Preparing data for display, split them on the delimiter '/'
$worldData = explode('/', $_POST['World']);
$worldName = $worldData[0];

$statusData = explode('/', $_POST['Status']);
$health = $statusData[0];
$level = $statusData[2];

$playerName = $_POST['Name'];
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Test Book</title>
  <ul class="book">
    <li><u>This is <span class="mc-m">website</span> book!</u>
    <br>Your User-Agent: <?= $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] ?>
    <br><i>1</i> <a href="#2">2</a> <a href="#3">3</a>

    <li>Hello, <?= $playerName ?> level <?= $level ?>
    <br>You are currently in <?= $worldName ?> with <?= $health ?> HP
    <br><a href="#1">1</a> <i>2</i> <a href="#3">3</a>

    <li>Test some links:
    <br><a href="kill" target="_player">Die now</a>
    <br><a href="test.php">Reload site</a>
    <br><a href="stop" target="_server" data-permission="webbooks.links.admin" title="Please dont :<">Kill the server</a>
    <br><a href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank">Go to google</a>
    <br><a href="#1">1</a> <a href="#2">2</a> <i>3</i>

Formatting your website

To reflect the limited set for formats available to minecraft a fix set of style classes has to be used.
Those can in return be defined in your stylesheet as well to support displaying the content in an actual web-browser.

The class names have a mc--Prefix followed by the format-code. Some bold red text could be:

<span class="mc-c mc-l">Text</span> or
<b><span class="mc-c">Text</span></b> or
<b class="mc-c">Text</b>

Links and special targets

Links will work as expected, loading the website and viewing it as another book.
As you might expect if you add target="_blank" to your link Minecraft will ask the player to open the link in the system web-browser.

But it would be pretty boring if that was everything a book could do, so there’s a little bit more you can do with links:

  • <a href="#1"> will not jump to sections with the specified id, but instead jump to the given pagenumber
  • <a href="command" target="_player"> will execute the command in href as if the player typed it. the / is optional.
  • <a href="command" target="_server"> will execute the command in href as the server with op-powers. These links will break if you save the website, but not cause any big errors (Besides telling the player that the callback stopped working)

Links with target “_player” and “_server” allow for a additional attribute data-permission to restrict usage. Using this parameter on “_player” commands will break the link in saves book in the same way “_sever” commands will break in saved books. An example would be <a href="stop" target="_server" data-permission="server.admin.stop">Stop the server</a>

Available player-data:

These data are sent to the server using the POST data

  • Name: <PlayerName>
  • UUID: <PlayerUUID>
  • World: <WorldName>/<WorldUUID>
  • Location: <X>/<Y>/<Z>
  • Connection: <IP>:<Port>/<Latency>ms
  • Joined: <LastJoined>/<FirstJoined>
  • Status: <Health>/<FoodLevel>/<Level>/<GameMode>

User-Agent string:

<MinecraftName>(<ExecutionType>/<Type>) <MinecraftVersion>/<SpongeName> <SpongeVersion>/WebBooks(webbook) <WebBooksVersion>

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