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Convert items on pickup via Forges OreDict

This is a SpongeForge plugin
I don’t know what I have to do with the for this to be recogniced.

I think we all know the hassle with installing a lot of technical mods on our forge server. Like IC2, ThermalFoundation, BuildCraft, … And we all know how may different copper ores, ingots, dusts, plates, and stuff may come along with those.

This Sponge Plugin tries to reduce the clutter by scanning through items and converting them into only one type. In order to archive this, this plugin hooks into the Forge OreDictionary that already aliases the ores to simplify crafting and turning these items into a perferred variant.

So let’s say we continue the example with copper ore. The next time you mine IC2 Copper Ore for example, this plugin will look up the OreDict entry oreCopper and, depending on the configuration, replace it with let’s say ThermalFoundation Copper Ore, allowing you to stack them.

When you open a container of any sort the plugin will also scan through it and convert each item it has a perferred variant for so you can easily pick stacks of items from the container.

If you do not want items to convert automatically you can always turn it off with the disable commmand. - Note that this will only disable conversion until you disconnect to enable again.

But, you might scream now, what if a mod does not use the OreDict and requires it’s special type of copper ore? Of course we thought about this problem and introduced the convert command. Converting materials is as easy as possible: Just use the command /PickupMerge <oreDictName> <oreVariant>. The command has the aliases /merge, /convert, and /ore and both the OreDict-Names as well as the variants support auto-completion, so you won’t have problems with typos.

With our example we could use /convert oreCopper IC2 to convert the copper ore in our inventory back into TC2 Copper Ore. Note that this will also halt the automatic item conversion for you until you reconnect or enable it with /convert auto again


Stuff you picked up will convert automatically acording to config.
Commands (/PickupMerge, /merge, /convert, /ore):
/convert disable - Stop converting ores for you
/convert auto - Reenable conversion of ores for you
/convert <oreDict> <variant> - manually convert ores in your inventory
/convert reload - Reload the config
Opening containers will convert the contents.


The permission system is supposed to filter out broken ores, but you can use it any other way you can think of.

pickupmerge.command.plugin.reload - Allows usage of /convert reload
pickupmerge.command.plugin.toggleauto - Allows usage of /convert disable and /convert auto
pickupmerge.command.merge.<oreDict> - Allows usage of /convert <oreDict> ... sub-commands
pickupmerge.merge.<oreDict>.<variant> - Allows conversion for into

To allow all conversions give permissions pickupmerge.commmand.plugin.toggleauto, pickupmerge.command.merge.*, pickupmerge.merge.*



The configuration has to entries, the first one being the perferred variant map. OreDict entries are mapped to a mod’s item using the format
"oreDict": "modid:item[meta]"
oreDict is the OreDict name (e.g. oreCopper, ingotTin, dustGold, …)
modid:item is the item name as you know it (e.g. minecraft:gold_ingot, thermalfoundation:material, …)
meta is the meta value and is always required! (0)

An example would be "blockCopper": "thermalfoundation:storage[0]"


The second set in the config is the list of oredict entries to scan through for the conversion command. If a ore dict entry does not start with a prefix in the list is will not be included in the scan.

A mod could for example register other vines which would then be listed in the OreDict as both vines, resulting in /convert vines minecraft:vines being possible.

The default config should provide a reasonable list of prefixes to pass thorugh.

Note: This plugin will not be actively developed beyond this point. I will accept PullRequests tho, if they improve functionallity

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