A plugin designed to keep your mines full


This plugin is designed to repopulate mines, so your world won’t run dry of ores.
In order to do this, this plugin allows you to write simple in-world crafting recipes.

For these recipes a second block-tick (Growth Tick) is introduces, that operates in the same way as described by the minecraft wiki, although running async to keep the server smooth. To increase performance the plugin will cache every chunk (freed when the world unloads). Without the cache performance of the Growth Tick quickly drops below 20 t/s, slowing down the ore-growth.


  • /oregeno performance (Permission oregeno.command.performance)
    Get visual information on the plugins performance (Growth Tick and Chunk Caching)

  • /oregeno tickspeed [speed] (Permission oregeno.command.tickspeed)
    Set how many block per tick per sub-chunk are tested, this value is non-persistent

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Published on Dec 22, 2019


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