Simple Minesweeper demo plugin for Mega Menus
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Start a game with /minesweeper [mines] where mines is a number between 3 and 10.
The command requires the permission minesweeper.command.

You can also start a game programatically using new Minefield(mines).play(player);
Upon winning or losing the plugin emits Events for other plugins to react to (if such is desired).

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If you’re server admin and want to give rewards for playing you can hook the events with EventCommand:

@ de.dosmike.sponge.minesweeper.MinesweeperGameEvent$Victory
  with player as getTargetEntity getName
  !effect ${player} minecraft:luck 30 1
@ de.dosmike.sponge.minesweeper.MinesweeperGameEvent$Defeat
  with player as getTargetEntity getName
  !effect ${player} minecraft:unluck 30 1

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Published on Mar 2, 2019




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