Allows you to lock doors and containers with a sign or other plugins


I wrote this plugin 2017 and thought I’d upload it to ore. This is not a direct port of Lockette for Bukkit/Spigot but a reimplementation of the features i remembered back when I used Lockette (which is not much). Initially it was supposed to be submitted to a plugin contest, but i could not finish the plugin in time.

Since I have not worked on this for quite some time I recommend some alternatives that might work better:

Locket by Himmelt

Latch by IchorPowered

How to use this plugin

Add a sign on or next to a container or door and write [private] on the first line. You can add more users to the container using a book menu.
All standard locks are saved in the world data and are removed when the signs are broken.

For plugins devs

This plugin provides PluginLocks for you to add invisible locks to conatiners. For safety reasons you can only access lock from your plugin.

External connections

This Plugin does not have any external connections.


There is a OP permission to bypass locks:

Category: Protection

Published on Aug 2, 2019




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