Use mobs instead of pipes, they save space


Little Helper Robots

Scriptable helpers for your Server - Who needs pipes anyways :)

This Plugin requires MikesToolBox

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Craft Robots with the following recipes:
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You can convert the type of a helpmate by renaming 1 Lapiz into the entity type (e.g. rename it to minecraft:villager)
Then take the Lapiz and the HelpMate into both hands and use /hm cast
The command requires the permission helpmates.command.cast.base and helpmates.cast.entity.MODID.TYPE (e.g. helpmates.cast.entity.minecraft.villager)

Be warned: Some mob types can and will cause harm - thus it is not recommended to permit entities with wildcards!


You place HelpMates by holding them and right-clicking a block
Once placed you can pick the HelpMate back up by sneaking and left-clicking
Open the inventory of a HelpMate by right-clicking them A regular left-click will print the HelpMates current task into chat (Hover the name to see fuel and status)

Helpmates consume about 16 Redstone per hour runtime, with a maximum fuel capacity of about 7h

To get a helpmate going write a script in a book and left-click the HelpMate with the book


The Programming Language for HelpMates is made of a non-conditional sequence of commands.
Here are the available commands:

chargemaxTakes max amount of redstone from his Inventory and consumes it for fuel
name is at location Saves a location with the specified name
gotoname or locationLet this HelpMate navigate to the location
usename or locationOpen a container/block at this location (will goto if necessary), can also open doors and push buttons
putitem name or something or anything or everythingPut stuff in the used block/container
fuelitem name or something or anything or everythingLike put, but prefer fuel slots
takeitem name or something or anything or everythingTake stuff out of the used block/container
waitsecondsWait the specified amount of seconds
try toanother commandDon’t wait until the command is done, just give it a quick try and move on
repeat-Start the script again
idle within R for SR as radius, S a maximum idle timeWalk to a random location within R blocks at the same height and wait for up to S secons
tptoname or locationTeleport this HelpMate. Requires the owner to have permission helpmates.script.teleport

In theory use would request permission, but at this point no permission plugin is checking fake interactions this way.

anything means ‘once, the first available, if possible’
something means ‘the first available, required’
everything means ‘until no more items are accepted’

Books containing scripts DO NOT have to be signed, they can still be editable


helpmates.create.baseAllow spawning helpmates with right-click (not related to crafting)
helpmate.skript.teleportAllow a players HelpMate to execute the script command TpTo
helpmates.cast.entity.MODID.TYPEAllow a HelpMate to be casted into the type MODID:TYPE
helpmates.command.give.baseAllows to cheat HelpMates with /hm create
helpmates.command.spawn.baseAllows to cheat HelpMates with /hm spawn
helpmates.command.delete.baseAllows /hm delete to delete a players HelpMate
helpmates.command.cast.baseAllows casting HelpMates into other types with /hm cast
helpmates.interact.ignoreownerAllows interaction with HelpMates you did not create


  • helpmates.option.create.limit - Maximum amount a player may have at a time


/hm createcreate, give, op, opmateCreate a HelpMate.-t EntityType will overwrite the entity type,-f Fuel will set the initial fuel (max 100000)
/hm spawn Create a Admin HelpMate that does not consume Redstone and does not drop.-t EntityType will overwrite the entity type,-f Fuel will set the initial fuel (max 100000)-at Location to spawn at (for command blocks)
/hm delete deleteRemove all HelpMates spawned by this player
/hm castcast, convert, change, typeAllows to change type with named lapis

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