A simple plugin for BossBar and Chat broadcasts.
Now supports Placeholders


Reload the coonfiguration with

/brotkasten reload
/brot reload
Permission: brotkasten.command.brotkasten (base command), brotkasten.command.brotkasten.reload (reload)

Set a custom boss bar (not in config)

/bossbar set --color COLOR --time TIME MESSAGE
/bb set MESSAGE
Permission: brotkasten.command.bossbar (base command), brotkasten.command.bossbar.set (replace bossbar)

  • Color (Optional): One of White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Time (Optional): Countdown in seconds or ‘infinite’
  • Message: The text to display, supports &-Format codes

Resume the boss bar schedule

/bossbar skip
/bossbar next
/bossbar continue
Permission: brotkasten.command.bossbar (base command), brotkasten.command.bossbar.skip (continue schedule)

Mute and unmute the boss bar cycle

/bossbar mute
/bossbar hide
/bossbar off
/bossbar disable
/bossbar unmute
/bossbar show
/bossbar on
/bossbar enable
Permission: brotkasten.command.bossbar (base command), brotkasten.command.bossbar.mute (mute and unmute the bossbar)
This does not hide bossbars that are set by admins or commandblocks (or bosses)


# Messages that will be displayed as boss bar
BossBar {
    # Messages, one message per entry
    # Message format: {Flags}Message
    # Flags:
    #  <from>% - where this bar starts
    #  <to>% - where this bar ends
    #  <time>sec or <time>min - how long to display the message
    #  <color> - color of the boss bar, white, green, red, blue, yellow, pink or purple
    #  <divs>ticks - the amount of subdivisions the bar shall have 0, 6, 10, 12 or 20
    # Message:
    #  Can use &-Formatting codes
        "{100%, 0%, 10sec, green}&aThank you for using &rBrotkasten"
    # Delay between messages, if a boss bar finishes earlier the next one won't
    # play until this time has passed. If the bar is displayed for more than
    # the specified amount of seconds it will not be interrupted!
# Messages that will be displayed in chat
Chat {
    # Time between messages
    # Messages, one message per entry
    # You can create Markdown-Like links with (Text)[Action]
    # Action can be:
    #  - Command to execute
    #  - Link to open in external browser
        "&9Cool broadcasting plugin for [Sponge](",
        "&eLost? Click [here](/spawn) &eto get back to spawn"

This plugin has no metrics or other connections to third party services

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Published on Mar 6, 2019




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