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Milkyway Gate screenshot:

image This is a continuation of the SGCraft project originally started by Greg Ewing


  • Greg Ewing (original, retired)
  • AlmuraDev
  • Radviger
Instant Support / Discord:
Required Dependencies:
- Forge 1.12.2 build 2768
Shadowed Dependencies:
- Mixin 0.7.11 Snapshot
- Configurate & SnakeYaml
Added Features as of 1.20.0:
• ZPM's and a ZPM Interface Cart (requires IndustrialCraft 2)
• Pegasus Gate model and images for Stargate
• Handheld GDO (Implementation not quite finished as of 1.20.0)
• Longer delay for Stargate dialing when using ZPM.
• Ability to toggle on/off any recipe.
• Ability to prevent users from harvesting existing Stargate and DHD blocks
• Tokra Villagers to Village Generator
• Ability to toggle on/off the saving of gate addresses to users clipboard when inspecting the base
• New optional HD Event Horizon Texture
• New optional power diagnostic values to DHD Power Screen
• Ability to modify the power values for IC2 and RF
• Russian and Chinese Language Translation
• Many new sounds
• Configurable ZPM requirements per world
• Configurable Tokra villagers per world
Fixed issues / modified features as of 1.20.0:
• Pyramid generated Stargates would appear to float
• Event Horizon glowing effect
• Missing background and item tool tips
• Structure Augmentation
• GUI Conflict with NEI/JEI
• Recipe Registrations happening too early.
• Netty attempting to send packets on wrong thread
• IC2 Power module client crash
• model/item loading registration errors
• Updated for latest 1.12.2 MCP mappings
• DimensionMap crash on Windows PC's
• Fixed possible issue with recipe registration for invalid items
• Made one-way travel default
• Timings of phases to allow for usage of newer connect sound.
• Server/Client config sync issue with IC2PowerTE and RFPowerTE
• Bug between TinkersConstruct w/ GLContext/Thread error
• Fixed ComputerCraft interface error
• Re-wrote teleportation code to rely more on server to make permissions systems work correctly
Pegasus Gate screenshot:



  1. What is a GDO?
  • At the moment if you put a Handheld GDO in your OFF-HAND, it will allow you to fast-dial a Stargate Address, as in the chevrons will lock immediately vs. the rotation dial sequence.
  1. How do I set a Stargate to use the Pegasus gate model?
  • Put a Handheld GDO in your main hand, click the base of the Stargate. This will change it’s type which is persistent.
  1. What is a ZPM?
  • A ZPM is an extremely powerful ancient device which placed in a ZPM Interface Cart and provide vast amounts of Power to IC2 equipment as well as be used as a power source for the Stargates themselves.
  1. How do I configure the World to World ZPM requirement?
  • In your config folder you’ll see a folder called /SGCraft/, inside of that folder there is a zpm.yml file. Edit the YML file with your origin and destination values. Any value greater than 0 means transport between the point of origin and the destination requires the usage of a ZPM. The value also is used as a multiplier to configure how much additional power is required to make the initial connection. World to World ZPM requirements are turned off by default.
Original Instructions on how to use:
Addon Power Units:
Configuration Options:

New Features screenshots:
  • Zero Point Module Enabled Stargate with ZPM Interface Cart image

  • ZPM Interface Cart GUI: image

  • New DHD Controller Screen image

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