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SG-1 Stargates and other stuff.


image This is a continuation of the SGCraft project originally started by Greg Ewing


  • Greg Ewing (original, retired)
  • AlmuraDev
  • Radviger
Instant Support / Discord:
This Mod currently has 3 different release versions: Version Downloads
  • (Forge) version
  • (API-7) version (includes event firing for permissions checks during transport)
  • (Features) version (includes new addons such as ZPM, ZPM Interface Cart, GDO, Auto-Dialer etc.)
Required Dependencies:
  • (Forge) - > Forge 1.12.2 build 2705
  • (API-7) -> Forge 1.12.2 build 2705 and SpongeForge b3399 (Client & Server)
  • (Features) -> Forge 1.12.2 build 2705, SpongeForge b3399 (Client & Server), IC2-2.8.96-ex112


1.15.6: Released: 8/20/2018
  • Complete re-write in how the ZPM is used in combination with the Stargate.
  • Removed DHD as a power source when destination gate requires ZPM.
  • Added GDO item for Fast Dialing and Auto-Open Remote Iris (Features Version Only)
  • Added ZPM Interface Cart recipe (Features Version Only)
  • Added longer delay to Stargate during Connect phase when a world requires usage of a ZPM. (Features Version Only)
  • Started working a Naquadah generator
1.15.6: Forge & Api-7 Versions Only - Released: not released yet
  • Fixed long standing bug between TinkersConstruct and SGCraft with GLContext/Thread error
1.15.5: Forge & Api-7 Versions Only - Released: 8/17/2018
  • Added configuration options for DHD power information
  • Added configuration options for some client gui features
  • Added the ability for an Admin to reset all TE’s power values when changing configs
  • Added the ability to all configure power values in IC2/RF features, and each device is unique (no more statics)
  • Moved DHD buffer size to dhd configuration section.
  • Fix HD texture having wrong name?
  • Fixed Client/Server config sync issue with IC2PowerTE and RFPowerTE.
  • Fixed DHD so it doesn’t have to face the Stargate to create a link.
1.15.4: Forge & Api-7 Versions Only - Released: 8/14/2018
  • Added the ability to modify the power values for IC2 and RF.
1.15.3: Forge & Api-7 Versions Only - Released: 8/14/2018
This build contains a big sgcraft.cfg change, please review the file after server startup
  • Added the ability to toggle on/off any recipe.
  • Added ability to prevent users from harvesting existing Stargate and DHD blocks
  • Added Tokra Villager spawns to generated Stargates within Desert Pyramids.
  • Added Mixin to add Tokra Villagers to Village Generator (api-7 and features versions only)
  • Added option to toggle of/off the saving of gate addresses to users clipboard when inspecting gate base block.
  • Added new optional HD Event Horizon texture.
  • Changed timings of phases to allow for the usage of the newer Stargate connect sound.
  • Changed default config option of two-way travel to false.
  • Fixed possible issue with recipe registration for invalid items.
  • Moved recipe registration from postInit phase to init phase
  • Fix PowerScreen value formatting

This fix will change the last 2 digits of an existing Stargate’s Address

  • Fix DimensionMap crash on Windows PC’s
  • Update for 1.12.2 MCP mapping
  • Fixed model/item load registration errors
  • Update Stargate models and dialer sequences
  • Fixed IC2 Power module client crash
  • Fixed netty attempting to send packet on wrong thread
  • Fixed recipe registrations
  • Fixed GUI conflict with NEI/JEI
  • Fixed structure augmentation
  • Updated structure augmentation configuration changes to resolve half generated structures issue
  • Fixed missing backgrounds and item tooltips
  • Added Russian translations
  • Updated item models and small DHD GUI improvements
  • Added new sounds
  • Fixed event horizon glowing effect
  • Fixed generation issue where Pyramid generated Stargates would appear to float

All three of these versions still have the original feature set which can be found here:
Instructions on how to use:
Addon Power Units:
Configuration Options:

(Features) version screenshots:
  • Zero Point Module Enabled Stargate with ZPM Interface Cart image

  • ZPM Interface Cart GUI: image

  • New DHD Controller Screen image

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Published on Aug 10, 2018


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