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Securing your server the easy way!


# Description

eZProtector is a Paper/Waterfall plugin aiming to give your server (and your admins!) a bit of ease on their mind by implementing blocking for various naughty behaviour on your server. The project’s goal is to stay simple enough, while providing best-class blocks for mods, commands, and more!

# Features

The plugin has various features, some of which that can’t be found in any other plugin! Here are they, in no specific order:

  • Mod blocking: This plugin blocks 8 highly requested mods, such as 5-Zig, WorldDownloader and Forge!
  • Custom plugins and version: When players try to have a look through your server’s plugins or version, they’ll be presented with custom ones!
  • Tab completion blocking: If they try to be a bit smarter and try to do (for example) /plugins (tab), they will be presented with… well, nothing!
  • Hidden syntaxes blocking: Many plugins that block commands fail short when players try the venerable “hidden syntax” for commands (for example /bukkit:help instead of /help). eZProtector blocks that too, with a whitelist if you want certain commands to work.
  • Command blocking: How could such a plugin go without this feature! It’s pretty obvious, you add a command in the config and it can’t be used anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Notifications and punishment: Most features listed above allow you to enable notificatons and even punishment if players try to look somewhere they aren’t supposed to.
  • Configurability: eZProtector was designed to be 100% configurable by you! Every feature can be fully disabled, configured or have its messages edited.

# Demonstration

Don’t take my word for all of this; here is a showcase of the plugin in action!


# More information

For more information about eZProtector, feel free to consult yourself with the FAQ here. If that doesn’t help, you can join the Discord server, where you can ask questions about the plugin and learn about its latest developments.

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Published on Aug 24, 2019


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