Plugin can provide your server with permissions and commands which will enable you to set ranks to players.


Set Rank Plugin, adds commands which will enable you to set your and other players prefixes. If you are an admin you can do this via luckperms permissions but if you want to give this feature to groups such as VIP, premium, deluxe or etc, it can be done by the help of this mod.

This plugin uses luckperms and nucleus for setting up ranks!

“Set Rank” plugin, is so small that its written in just one java.class, therefore, the plugin won’t be able to cause any lag on a server.



22.06.2019 plugin version 2.0

Added smart black list in which you can add commands and it doesn’t matter how the word will be spelled the blacklisted word won’t be able for use to casual players.

Batter check for rank length, excluding color codes. Before &3Test.length() == 6, now length() == 4.

Permission name change.

2 commands instead 4, added child to 2 basic commands.

23.06.2019 plugin version 2.1

Permissions fixes, added latin letters check. Code changes. Removed “rank reload” command.

19.07.2019 Recoded

Reload command and sponge plugins reload now working. Completely recoded some parts of plugin, instead of having 1 heavy main.class i split it into smaller classes.

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Published on Jun 20, 2019




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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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