CubeEngine - Kits

Hand kits to your players


  • Create sets of arbitrary items
  • Can run a command on kit receival
  • Create kits in game using an inventory


kitManages kits
kit createOpens the configured kit if the kit does not exists a new is createdkit.create.use
kit deleteDeletes a kitkit.delete.use
kit editEdit kits
kit edit addcommandAdds a command to be run when a kit is receivedkit.edit.addCommand.use
kit edit custommessageSets the custom messagekit.edit.customMessage.use
kit edit giveonfirstjoinControls if this kit is given to new playerskit.edit.giveOnFirstJoin.use
kit edit kitpermissionControls permission check for a kitkit.edit.kitPermission.use
kit edit limitusageControls the limit for receiving a kitkit.edit.limitUsage.use
kit edit removecommandRemoves commands to be run when a kit is receivedkit.edit.removeCommand.use
kit edit usagedelayControls the minimum delay between receiving a kit in secondskit.edit.usageDelay.use
kit giveGives a set of items.kit.give.use
kit giveallGives a kit to every online playerkit.giveall.use
kit listLists all currently available kits.kit.list.use


Manages kits
Usage: kit <kit> [player][?]
SubCommands: create delete edit give giveall list

kit create

Opens the configured kit if the kit does not exists a new is created
Usage: kit create <kitname>
Alias: open
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.create.use

kit delete

Deletes a kit
Usage: kit delete <kit>
Alias: remove
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.delete.use

kit edit

Edit kits
Usage: kit edit
SubCommands: addcommand custommessage giveonfirstjoin kitpermission limitusage removecommand usagedelay

kit edit addcommand

Adds a command to be run when a kit is received
Usage: kit edit addcommand <kit> <command>
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.addCommand.use

kit edit custommessage

Sets the custom message
Usage: kit edit custommessage <kit> [value]
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.customMessage.use

kit edit giveonfirstjoin

Controls if this kit is given to new players
Usage: kit edit giveonfirstjoin <kit> <value>
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.giveOnFirstJoin.use

kit edit kitpermission

Controls permission check for a kit
Usage: kit edit kitpermission <kit> <value>
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.kitPermission.use

kit edit limitusage

Controls the limit for receiving a kit
Usage: kit edit limitusage <kit> <value>
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.limitUsage.use

kit edit removecommand

Removes commands to be run when a kit is received
Usage: kit edit removecommand <kit> [command][?]
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.removeCommand.use

kit edit usagedelay

Controls the minimum delay between receiving a kit in seconds
Usage: kit edit usagedelay <kit> <value>
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.edit.usageDelay.use

kit give

Gives a set of items.
Usage: kit give <kit> [player][?]
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.give.use

kit giveall

Gives a kit to every online player
Usage: kit giveall <kit>[?]
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.giveall.use

kit list

Lists all currently available kits.
Usage: kit list
Permission: cubeengine.kits.command.kit.list.use


cubeengine.kitsBase Permission for Kits
cubeengine.kits.command.kit.give.otherGrants giving out kits to other players
cubeengine.kits.kitsGrants access to all kits

Category: Gameplay

Published on Jun 26, 2021




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