To turn a sign into an elevator shift-left click with an enderpearl:
Activated Elevator
Another item can be configured

The signs first line will remain unchanged. It is the floor name.
The second line is always the same.
The third line is the target floor. First Line of that sign.
The last line shows in which direction the elevator will teleport and by how many blocks.

Floor rename

If you forget to set a floor name or want to change it afterwards
you can do this by renaming a piece of paper
and shift-left clicking it on an existing elevator sign.
Renamed Elevator

Choosing a target

Once you got 2 or more elevator signs in the same column use:

  • shift-left click to change the target to the next floor up
    Lift Up
  • shift-right click to change the target to the next floor down
    Lift Down

Finally you can right-click on the sign to teleport to the target floor.

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Published on Feb 9, 2018




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