Brian_Elliott / Referrals

Let your users refer other players to your server, and get rewards for doing so!


A Referrals plugin for Sponge


Command Menu

/referralsmain command, shows the help menu/referralsNone
/referrals top [#]Used to show the top referrers on the server, defaults to 10 if no number is provided/referrals top 10/referrals top/t
/referrals check [name]Used to show the amount of players the provided player has referred, defaults to the player sending the message if no name is listed./referrals check BranFlakes/referrals check/chk
/referrals thanks [name]Used to thank another player for referring you/referrals thanks BranFlakes/referrals thanks/thank
/referrals helpBasic help command to show all command usage/referrals help/referrals help/h


referrals.checkallows a user to use the check command
referrals.check.selfallows a user to use the check command on themselves
referrals.check.otherallows a user to use the check command on others
referrals.topallows a user to view the top referrers on a server


#set the command to execute for a reward
rewardActions {
  # Set the command that should execute on a successful referral\
  # do not use a '/' in the command
  # %p = player name
  # example provided below
  referrerRewardCommand = "msg %p Thanks for using Referrals!"
  referredRewardCommand = "msg %p Thanks for using Referrals!"

# set which player(s) should receive rewards
rewardPlayers {
  # if true, player will receive rewards for a successful referral action
  # default is true (Both the referred player, and the player that referred them will receive rewards)
  referrer = true
  referred = true


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Published on Dec 31, 2017


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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)