This plugin synchronizes the player inventory with a database


BrainStone released this version on Oct 13, 2018

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The migration of the old data has not been throughly tested. Backup your data before updating and please report any issues with migrating old data as soon as possible!

Version 0.6.19-DEV

+ Added Baubles support.
+ Implemented module system to allow mods to easily add support themselves.
+ Added automatic conversion from old format to new format.
* Fixed issue with players not properly saving on server shutdown (Fixes #32)

Version 0.6.18

+ Added GradleCommon (helper project. Only used for compiling)
* Using new versioning System (due to GradleCommon)
* Using SpongeAPI 7.1.0 (instead of 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT)
* Using better config code.
* Fixed Connection Leaks (Fixes #28)
* Improved database performance.

Version 0.6.17

* Fixed synchronizing crashing when unknow item is being synchronized (Fixes #18)

Version 0.6.14

* Prevented a very rare race condition

Version 0.6.9

+ Added bStats metrics
* Internal restructuring

Version 0.6.0

+ Added individual permissions to allow fine tuning (Closes #17)

Version 0.5.51

* Made plugin work with API version 5.x.x again
* Fixed console spam on error during synchronization (Fixes #16)
* Improved and made game mode synchronizing work again (Fixes #15)
* Improved debugging
* Synchronizing selected slot as well to make transition even smoother!

Version 0.5.42

+ Added URL to plugin info
* Improved event prevention (More events and they don’t get prevented if the module is disabled)
* Added warning when previous server took too long

Version 0.5.37

* Synchronizing experience is now using a different method (Fixes #4)
* No longer using deprecated class

Version 0.5.32

+ Added Manifest to jar
* Updated to API 7.0.0
* Removed Synchronizing Achievements because it’s working by default (Fixes #10 and #11)
* Synchronizing PotionEffects (Not working because of a bug in Sponge. See: #12)

Version 0.5.19-beta

+ Added hidden debug setting
* Now Synchronizing Achievements (Fixes #9)
* Not perfect as achievements get announced

Version 0.5.14

+ Added health to synchronization
+ Added hunger to synchronization
* Internal improvements

Version 0.5.10

* Files are now additionally signed with PGP (For real this time!)

Version 0.5.7

* Files are now additionally signed with PGP (Not working! See next release)

Version 0.5.4

+ Added config option for individual parts to synchronize

Version 0.5.0-beta

* Fixed #6: Serialize inventories to NBT
* Data in database is now way more portable
* Fixed #7: Only one instance of the plugin can work with a H2 database

Version 0.4.6-beta

* Fixed #5: Database connection sometimes times out and should be reconnected (Really this time)
* Internal improvements

Version 0.4.2-beta

* Fixed #5: Database connection sometimes times out and should be reconnected (Not really fixed)

Version 0.4.0-beta

* Gamemode and Experience are now synced too (experience is bugged atm)
* Waiting for other server to finish instead of waiting a fixed amount of time. Makes it more secure!

Version 0.3.18-beta

* Fixed #3: Special chars in the MySQL password do not work

Version 0.3.16-beta

* Fixed #2: When switching servers by bungeecord, the inventory gets loaded from the database before the new data is written
* No item pickup while waiting for synchronization
* Storing inventories to database when server stops
* Internal improvements

Version 0.3.8-beta

* Synchronizing from database now working
* Fixed reloading bug
* Fixed several bugs with statements

Version 0.3.0-alpha

+ Added config
+ Added reload functionality
* Fixed serialization for enchantments

Version 0.2.0-alpha

+ Added inventory serialization and deserialization (Not working 100%)
+ Added README
* Compressing serialized data to safe space
- Removed MySQL driver (sponge alerady has it implemented)

Version 0.1.0-alpha

+ Added MySQL driver
+ Added Lombok to project
+ Added basic functionality
+ Added MySQL connection handler/wrapper
* Fixed signing

Version 0.0.13-alpha

* Set up project
* First semi working plugin version!

Version 0.0.0-alpha

* Initial commit