This plugin synchronizes the player inventory with a database

Inventory Sync

Are you having multiple sponge servers connected over a bungee cord and want the players to have the same inventory on all servers?

Then this plugin is exaclty right for you! Because it does just that.

Whenever a player leaves a server their inventory (and some other configurable data) is stored in a database. Whenever a player enters a server the data is fetched from the database and the inventory is set to the contents from the database.

Supported Database Types

The following database types are currently supported:

  • MySQL (also MariaDB)
  • H2 (Not recommended)

Decide which storage method to use in the config. When using H2 make sure you are using a central database file! In any case make sure the database data matches all servers you want to synchronize!

Synchronized Data

The following data is currently synchronized:

  • Inventory
  • Ender Chest contents
  • Game Mode
  • Experience
  • Health
  • Hunger (= Food Level and Saturation)
  • Potion Effects (Not working properly due to a bug in Sponge! See #12)
  • Mod Data:
    • Baubles
    • Cyclic
    • Spice of Life: Carrot Edition
    • Spice of Life
    • Tough As Nails

You can enable and disable these as you please. By default all are enabled.




  • invsync: Full Plugin permissions
    • invsync.sync: Synchronize everything
      • invsync.sync.inventory: Synchronize Inventory
      • invsync.sync.ender_chest: Synchronize Ender Chest
      • invsync.sync.game_mode: Synchronize Game Mode
      • invsync.sync.experience: Synchronize Experience
      • Synchronize Health
      • invsync.sync.hunger: Synchronize Hunger
      • invsync.sync.potion_effects: Synchronize Potion Effects
      • invsync.sync.mod: Base permission for all mod synchronizing
        • invsync.sync.mod.baubles: Allow this user’s baubles inventory to be synchronized
        • invsync.sync.mod.cyclicmagic: Allow this user’s cyclic capabilities and extended inventory to be synchronized
        • invsync.sync.mod.solcarrot: Allow this user’s solcarrot food list to be synchronized
        • invsync.sync.mod.spiceoflife: Allow this user’s Spice of Life food list to be synchronized
        • invsync.sync.mod.toughasnails: Allow this user’s ToughAsNails stats to be synchronized

Planned Features

  • Possibility to switch between inventories. (Main use would be for team members who also like to play legitly so they can keep their survival inventory unmodified when they help out other players.)
  • Automatic switching of inventories when switching gamemode. (Optional of course!)

Suggestions and Bugs

So if you have feedback on my planned features, suggestions on what I can add or improve or what additional data I could synchronmnize, tell me!
Also please report any bugs you encounter, so I can fix them. (Click the Issues link up at the top.)
You can also get quick support on our Discord!


If you want to support the Aura Development Team, which I am part of, you can support us on Patreon!

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This plugin uses bStats to anonymously collect usage data, to make development easier.
Ore has since adopted a policy that requires plugins to aquire the users consent to send metric data. However it does not ask for consent. So I’m asking you to be so kind and enable sending metrics for this plugin. Just use the command /sponge metrics invsync enable to enable because this really helps me out!
Stats can be found here:

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Published on Apr 25, 2017




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