A 3d-map of your Minecraft worlds view-able in your browser using three.js (WebGL)


create 3D-maps of your Minecraft worlds and display them in your browser

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What is BlueMap

BlueMap is a program that reads your Minecraft world files and generates not only a map, but also 3D-models of the whole surface. With the web-app you then can look at those in your browser and basically view the world as if you were ingame! Or just look at it from far away to get an overview.


BlueMap comes as a Spigot/Paper or Sponge Plugin, as a Fabric or Forge-Mod and you can also use BlueMap without any Server from the Command-Line as a standalone tool.

If installed as a Plugin/Mod, BlueMap renders asynchronously to your MinecraftServer-Thread. This means at no time it will block your server-thread directly. So as long as your CPU is not fully utilized, your server should not be slowed down while BlueMap is rendering.

Using BlueMap

You can download BlueMap from here.
Read the installation instructions to get started!

Here you can see how many servers are using BlueMap:

BlueMap Graph

If you need help with the setup, feel free to join the Discord-server, we’ll be happy to help you there!

Metrics and Webserver

BlueMap uses bStats and an own metrics-system and is hosting a web-server!

Metrics are really useful to keep track of how the plugin is used and helps me stay motivated! Please turn them on :)

bStats: All data collected by bStats can be viewed here: https://bstats.org/plugin/sponge/BlueMap. bStats data-collection is controlled by the metrics-setting set in sponges configuration! (Turned off by default)

own metrics: Additionally to bStats, BlueMap is sending a super small report, containing only the implementation-name and the version of the BlueMap-plugin to my server. I do this, because there are some other implementations for BlueMap (Fabric, Forge, CLI) that are not supported by bStats. Here is an example report:

    "implementation": "sponge",
    "version": "0.0.0"

This data-collection is also controlled by the metrics-setting set in sponges configuration! (Turned off by default)

web-server: The web-server is a core-functionality of this plugin. So it is enabled by default but can be disabled in the plugin-config. By default the web-server is bound to all network-interfaces (‘’) on port 8100 and is hosting the content of the ./bluemap/web/-folder.

Todo / planned features

Here is a todo-list ordered by what i right now think is the priority, but might always change or be reordered at my discretion. (I develop BlueMap in my free-time, so nothing here is a promise and there are no ETA’s)

Issues / Suggestions

You found a bug, have another issue or a suggestion? You are very welcome to to join the discord-server and the reddit and share your thoughts!

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