Bammerbom / UltimateCore

All you need to set up a server and more!


Features spotlight

  • Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns
  • Server management: Chat formatting, Modified server list
  • Modular: All commands and features are bundled into modules which can be turned on and off independently
  • Customisable: All messages are configurable and you can configure modules just like you want
  • Support: UltimateCore is fully open-source. We treat all issues with care and accept pull-requests.

Links & Notices


For problems and bugs create an issue here. For other support PM me on the forums or leave a message on the forums.


Keep in mind all downloads are alpha builds and not ready for production servers. For now I will always be targeting the newest sponge version, currently API 6. API 5 should also work pretty well because it is currently still very close to API 6, altough this can change in the future. Downloads are available at Github:

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Jan 7, 2017


930 total downloads

Licensed under MIT