A simple update checker for Sponge Plugins for the Ore repository.

Aura Update Checker

This plugin is a simple update checker for all plugins on here on Ore.
It’s currently in pretty early beta stage, so be aware that there may be bugs and that not all features are implemented.

Currently it checks all your plugins after the server started and every 30 minutes if there’s a new version available. Then it shows you in the console.

Planned features

  • Add a command to automatically download the new version
  • Add the possibility to see the changelog
  • Add the possibility to download any version
  • Add the possibility to ignore certain updates, so the admins don’t get bothered with it


  • /updatechecker:
    • Description: Base command for the plugin. Does nothing on its own.
    • Usage: /updatechecker
    • Aliases: /updatechecker, /updatecheck, /uc, /upcheck, /up
  • /updatechecker reload:
    • Description: Reloads the plugin.
    • Usage: /updatechecker reload
    • Aliases: reload, r, rl, re, rel
    • Permission: updatechecker.command.reload
  • /updatechecker show:
    • Description: Show the available updates again.
    • Usage: /updatechecker show
    • Aliases: show, s, sh, view, v
    • Permission: updatechecker.command.show


  • updatechecker
    • updatechecker.command: Permission for all commands
      • updatechecker.command.reload: Permission to be able to reload the plugin
      • updatechecker.command.show: Permission to be able to show the available updates
    • updatechecker.notification: Permission for all notifications
      • updatechecker.notification.update_available: Permission to receive the update available notifcations
        • updatechecker.notification.update_available.join: Permission to receive the update available notifcation when joining
        • updatechecker.notification.update_available.periodic: Permission to receive the update available notifcation when a new update has been released while the server is running

Suggestions and Bugs

So if you have feedback on my planned features, suggestions on what I can add or improve, tell me!
Also please report any bugs you encounter, so I can fix them. (Click the Issues link up at the top.)
You can also get quick support on our Discord!


If you want to support the Aura Development Team, you can support us on Patreon!

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This plugin uses bStats to anonymously collect usage data, to make development easier. You can disable this by going to config/bstats/config.conf. Stats can be found here: https://bstats.org/plugin/sponge/Aura%20Update%20Checker

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Published on Feb 16, 2019




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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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