A chat utility plugin for A'therys plugins


A chat plugin for the A’therys Horizons server


Command permissions

See commands section

Channel permissions

Each channel has a permission setting, this forms the base of the channels permissions. This defaults to “atheryschat.channels.”

.readPermission to receive messages from the channel
.speakPermission to send messages to the channel
.leavePermission to leave the specific channel
.formatPermission to send formatted messages


/chatLists the players current channelsatheryschat.commands
/chat join <channel>Joins a specific channelatheryschat.commands.join
/chat leave <channel>Leaves a specific channelatheryschat.commands.leave
/chat say <channel> <message>Sends a message directly to a channelatheryschat.commands.speak

Chat Configuration

Main configuration

Config ItemDescription
default-channelThe default channel that players will speak too when they join the server
auto-join-channelsA list of channels for the player to automatically join
channelsA list of Channel configs

Channel Configuation

Channel configurations are provided as a map of channel-ids to channel configurations

Config ItemDescription
nameDisplay name of the channel, supports formatting codes
permissionDefaults to “atheryschat.channels.”
formatHow to format messages sent to this channel
Defaults to “%cprefix %player: %message %csuffix”
Supports colour codes and variables
prefixPrefix of the channel
suffixSuffix of the Channel
aliasesList of command aliases to speak directly to this channel
typeBroadcast - All online members regardless of membership
Global - All online players in channel
World - All players in channel, in the same world
Range - All players in channel, within range
rangeRadius for ranged channels

Formatting Variables

The format of channels supports a number of variables:

%prefixPrefix of the sender
%suffixSuffix of the sender
%cprefixPrefix of the channel
%csuffixSuffix of the channel
%playerThe sender name
%messageThe message
%worldThe name of the senders world

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Published on Nov 24, 2020




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