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Note: I will not be supporting API-6 Any longer, Thank you for your support!


Rankup is a plugin brought to you by the Minecolonies team. It’s goal is to make an as simple as possible auto-Ranking plugin for any permissions plugin (as long as they use the SpongeAPI correctly that is). Many thanks to Rankupper for code inspiration, and the Nucleus team for QSML (Modules) inspiration!



New Features:

  • Buy ranks using your economy plugin!

Existing Features:

  • Give players a rank based on Play time or Economy. (Feel free to suggest more options)
  • Run group-specific commands when a player ranks up into a new group!
  • Magibridge ( support!
  • Modules, allowing a person to choose to disable Timing or Economy based ranking easily.
  • The ability to import old Rankupper player configs (Yay!)
  • Remove previous group on rank!
  • Ignore players within certain groups!
  • A nice Dev group! (Hahahah)
  • MySQL, Mariadb and H2 support for player stats
  • Multiple “tracks” to promote along

Feel free to suggest any features you may want!

Wiki (WIP)

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Published on Oct 16, 2017


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