Mod Permissions

Block the use of mods using permissions.


  • modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.* - Block all use of a mod
  • modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.craft - Block all crafting of the mod’s items and blocks
  • modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.pickup - Blocks picking up of a mod’s items
  • modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.move - Blocks moving a mod’s item to your inventory
  • modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.interact - Block all use of a mod’s item and blocks, this includes placing BUT NOT BREAKING blocks - a mod’s blocks can be broken even with this permission. This is to prevent griefing by placing blocks near a user’s house or location that he can not break. What the mod WILL do instead is prevent the item from dropping when the block is broken by a player with this permission. This behaviour can be changed in the config


  • informationMessage - What message to send to the user when he attempts to use a mod that he does not have permission to use. Leave this empty to disable messaging. %m is the mod id

  • allowBreakingOfBlocks - Allows breaking of blocks even with the permission to prevent griefing. DEFAULT: true

  • allowItemsToDrop - If allowBreakingOfBlocks is true, this setting will also drop the item to the ground instead of vanishing. The user will not be able to pick up the item if he has the modpermissions.blacklist.{mod id}.pickup permission". DEFAULT: true

  • allowItemMove - Allows the moving of mod items between inventories. This value is ignored if the user attempts to move items from his own inventory to prevent items being stuck. DEFAULT: true

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Published on Aug 17, 2019




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