Provide virtual chest GUIs for menus like ChestCommands.



zzzz released this version on Oct 20, 2017

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  • Add auto completion for selection menus by commands
  • Add Requirements option which uses JavaScript to check the players
  • Change the structure of two options, PrimaryAction and SecondaryAction

VirtualChest v0.4.x is not compatible with the configuration files based on v0.3.x, and if you are able to upgrade your configurations to v0.4.x, there are some changes which should be mentioned:

  • Position-X-X becomes SlotX now, and Position-1-1 corresponds with Slot0, Position-9-6 corresponds with Slot53, etc.
  • RequiredBalances, RequiredPermissions, and RejectedPermissions are not available now, which should be replaced by Requirements
  • PrimaryRequiredItem, PrimaryAction, and KeepOpen are combined (altogether with SecondaryRequiredItem and SecondaryAction), and they are all available in the PrimaryAction section. For example:
// in v0.3.9
KeepOpen = true
PrimaryAction = "cost-item: 9; cost: -8"
PrimaryRequiredItem {
    ItemType = "minecraft:wheat"
    Count = 9
    UnsafeDamage = 0
// in v0.4.0
PrimaryAction {
    Command = "cost-item: 9; cost: -8"
    HandheldItem {
        ItemType = "minecraft:wheat"
        Count = 9
        UnsafeDamage = 0
    KeepInventoryOpen = true

For more information, please refer to the wiki.