Provide virtual chest GUIs for menus like ChestCommands.



zzzz released this version on Sep 15, 2017

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  • Support both PlaceholderAPI 3.x and 4.x
  • Fix a bug that player cannot take any item out of his own inventory
  • Add support for restrictions of high frequency clicks, which can be configured in two ways:
    • Set the acceptable-action-interval-tick option (the minimal interval between two clicks in the same menu) in config/virtualchest/virtualchest.conf, default is 0 (no restrictions)
    • Add the AcceptableActionIntervalTick option in the menu config files (please see the example config file stored in the plugin’s jar), and it will override the rule set by the option in config/virtualchest/virtualchest.conf
  • There will not be any new features add to VirtualChest v0.3.x, instead the author will focus on VirtualChest v0.4.0 which contains many new features (such as JavaScript) while it will not be compatible with the configuration files based on v0.3.x