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Teams plugin with Pixelmon Reforged Support



thesilentecho released this version on Mar 12, 2019

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  • /poketeams admin reset

    • Completely resets the stats of a given team
    • This includes win/loss record
  • Queue Fees

    • This can be turned on/off in the config
    • Is a price for entering the queue so it can’t be abused as easily
  • Switched off to a standalone chat system

    • UltimateChat/Nucleus is not requred
    • Supports toggling chat and regular per message commands
  • Fixed bug with SocialSpy not being as nicely formatted when using per chat messages

  • /teams list now supports hover and click actions

    • View info on a team by simply clicking on them
  • Added ability to reload the entire language file without problem at any point during gameplay.

  • Added configurable option to not delete teams when the owner leaves (useful for people who want static teams to stay)

  • Fixed bug where you could use negative amounts of money to glitch a bank account

  • Now only requires Pixelmon Reforged 7.0+

    • PlaceholderAPI and economy plugins are no longer needed!
    • They still add functionality in game for interacting with other plugins but now PokeTeams can stay up with just Pixelmon and
  • Changed base permission to use any others to poketeams.command.base instead of

  • Added reward system for winning team battles

    • Will only be triggered dependent on what system you choose in config for recording htings
    • Can be toggled on and off in config
    • Supports unlimited list of commands
      • Added [MONEY=##] if you don’t like spam
  • Completely redid team info

    • Runs on pagination
    • Is 400% sexier
    • Added legendary caught counter to the information
    • This can be opened by clicking names on the /teams list as well
  • For developers

    • Created InfoBuilderAPI.class
    • Can be used as a builder and is equipped with tons of methods soon to be updated on the wiki
    • Has access to anything in the PokeTeamsAPI.class and will never error
    • Use the PlaceholderAPI.class to replace any placeholders from my plugin
    • Updated PokeTeamsAPI to include tons more methods for manipulating teams and team members as well as new players