thesilentecho / PokeTeams

Teams plugin with Pixelmon Reforged Support

PokeTeams currently creates 9 total placeholders using PlaceholderAPI.

  1. %teamname% - Name of the player’s team (Solo by default)
  2. %teamtag% - Custom tag per team
  3. %teamwins% - Amount of wins per team
  4. %teamlosses% - Amount of losses per team
  5. %teamratio% - win/loss ratio for per team
  6. %teamkills% - Amount of wild pokemon fainted by a team
  7. %teamcaught% - Amount of wild pokemon caught by a team
  8. %teamcaughtlegend% - Amount of legendaries caught
  9. %teambal% - Current balance for a player’s team

Note: If you do not have PlaceholderAPI these will not be able to be used in other plugins. However, PokeTeams will locally replace placeholders inside of the plugin using the same tags.

Category: Role Playing

Published on Jan 1, 2019


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