thesilentecho / GymRecords

Adds a configurable win, loss, and tie record to players

General Information

  • Plugin is designed to create a record of player’s win/loss/tie records
  • Can be used instead of [/pokestats] because it runs on command instead of on a battle event
  • Is best used where you want separate records from Pixelmon’s for things such as gyms, tournaments, and battle tours
  • Can be used for additional statistics on players for things such as battles in vanilla Minecraft


  • /gr add [<wins/losses/ties>]
  • /gr remove [<wins/losses/ties>]
  • /gr set [<wins/losses/ties>]
  • /gr check

Permission Nodes

  • gymrecords.command.set (This lets you set a player’s value)
  • gymrecords.command.add (This lets you add a value to a player)
  • gymrecords.command.remove (This lets you remove a value from a player)
  • gymrecords.command.check (This lets you check a user’s data)
  • gymrecords.command.modify (This lets you modify other player’s data besides your own)

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Oct 25, 2018


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