Pixelmon plugin for blocking specified species of Pokemon from spawning in GriefDefender claims

Population Control is a Sponge plugin that utilizes GriefDefender’s API to allow server owners to use a command to block the spawning of a specific species of Pokemon in the claim that the command sender is currently standing on.

So, obviously, this plugin depends on GriefDefender!

For example, if in a Swamp biome and you feel like way too many Muk spawn, you can run 1 command and no more Muk will spawn in that claim.

Do keep in mind, though, this depends on GriefDefender. Also keep in mind that if you type the command to block a spawn in the global claim, that Pokemon won’t spawn anywhere anymore.

Commands and permissions:


Permission node: popcontrol.command.admin

Usage: /popctrl register

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Dec 16, 2020




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