A Pixelmon quest-tracking progression system

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This plugin does not add quests

Read below to understand what this plugin does

Pixelmon Dialogue is a lightweight dialogue-based “questing” plugin that enables server owners to set up dialogue sessions for clicking on NPCs, clicking on blocks, and walking on blocks. It includes a built-in progress number system for tracking progression through quests. The config system is very cool here in my opinion. A command-based system where you will use commands to create “quest lines” (folders) and “quests” (files) in the plugin’s directory in the server’s config folder. This is extremely useful for keeping things organized. The only thing that this plugin doesn’t do in terms of quests is actually have any quests in it. So, I guess, basically, this plugin would be more of an add-on plugin for things like TrainerCommands, PixelSkills, GCES, Pokedex Rewards…really anything that can execute a command (as there are commands to set player progress numbers in each quest line as well).

The dialogue sessions themselves have a few things about them I need to mention as well.

You can set them to be “one-time” meaning they will only trigger, well, one time, regardless of progress number. A dialogue can have different options, based on the player’s progress number. A generic example of how a plugin like this can be useful:

In a gyms-like system, you could have TrainerCommands run the /pdialog admin progress set command upon defeating a Gym Leader which can then be used to trigger a certain dialogue by activating the trigger, which can then start a chain reaction of many things. (More “quests”, messages, basically anything really - again with the exception of quests like “catch 3 Pichu” (I have plugin for that coming later)). The plugin uses Pixelmon’s chatting NPC GUIs for delivering the messages to the player (even when clicking on blocks), so there’s no chance of the messages in the dialogue getting absorbed by a spammy chat, plus the player has to click to progress to the next message to which they can read at their own pace.

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Published on Feb 16, 2021




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