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ryan96t released this version on Jul 19, 2021

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Version 3.0.0:

  • Changed how the modifier (for Perks, Rewards, and Level Locked Rewards works) (by “borrowing” some code on StackOverflow, thank you original author of that):

    – It now supports complex mathematical equations to further customize the amount of prize given

    – Like “(((2 * 2) + 8) / 6)” if you wanted to go that complicated should work fine

    – Though, simple shit like “2” should still work fine

    – %player-level% is still supported in this

  • Rewrote the perks distribution system:

    – Each skill’s perk was being handled by its own class file and that was just a waste of space and code so I condensed it down, found a few bugs along the way

  • Fixed rewards with amounts greater than 64 not getting delivered to the player

  • Fixed Fisherman’s perk looking in Gladiator’s folder

  • Removed being able to set perk and reward chance settings to integers, forcing everyone to use doubles now (several bugs were found related to this toggleable feature)

  • Fixed Harvester’s perk erroring out due to a missing setting in the config:

    – The “Amount”=“” setting was missing, I added it to the default configuration but those who do not wish to reset their configs for this update need to go add that manually (see here: https://hastebin.com/edabaqozad.rust for a specific example, though there will be one below too)

  • Fixed the Rewards module rarely giving their rewards despite having very high chances ( ^ one of those bugs)

Versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2:

  • Fixed big bug with EXP and leveling up:

    – Some if not all skills would instantly level you up to max level due to a few miscellaneous things going wrong, all of these things should be fixed now

  • Fixed the complex modifier evaluation code:

    – I ended up removing the code I “borrowed” from the last version and added a different system, with its own dependency (which is built directly into PixelSkills, which is why the jar file size shot up)

    – This required a change to be made to basically every String modifier every place where there is a modifier. A “Function” field is now necessary (and might? auto generate, can’t remember honestly) along with the actual “Modifier” field

      --- The modifier evaluator doesn't like it when the modifier String starts with an operator like "multiply" for some reason
  • Added support of the complex modifier evaluation code to the EXP needed for level-up system:

    – By doing this, though, I had to change the default format for the exp.conf files

    – If you don’t care to, I would reset them for each skill. If not, I’ll paste what that section looks like now for you to manually fix below

  • Fixed Fisherman displaying as Darwinist in the default GUI settings

    – Just a note, this won’t apply to already-generated GUI settings config files

  • Fixed some perks throwing errors due to missing “Amount” fields:

    – If, for some reason, your perks still error out, check the perks config file for the skill and make sure it has its Amount field

  • Fixed the Skill Candy not leveling up correctly

  • Fixed the admin commands not leveling up correctly

  • Added a new config file, global-settings.conf, that adds the ability to toggle access permissions and EXP messages for all skills in a convenient way

  • Fixed a crash when automated systems (like Extra Utilities 2’s Mechanical User block) caused PixelSkills code to activate

Version 3.1.0:

  • Added the ability to attach functions (listed below) to the icons in the Skills GUI:

    – Simply add a Function=[] list to your slot you want to add functions to in the GUI settings config (I’ll post an example below) and put whatever functions you want to use in it

    – CloseMenu:

    --- Closes the player's current menu (namely, the skills GUI)

    – ExecuteConsoleCommand:

    --- Executes the following command as console
    --- Supports using %player% to pass in the player's name

    – ExecutePlayerCommand:

    --- Executes the following command as the player
    --- Supports using %player% to pass in the player's name

    – SendMessage:

    --- Sends the following text (supports formatting codes) to the player as a message

    – TeleportPlayer:

    --- Teleports the player to the following location

Version 3.2.0:

  • Rewrote pretty much all of the Artificer skill:

    – I replaced pretty much all of the ContainerCloseEvents I was using to execute everything with the actual events in Forge’s API meant for those things, so that alone should fix quite a few issues people have been having with Artificer

  • Added Smelting-Items task to Artificer

  • Added Enchanting-Tools task to Artificer

  • Fixed an error thrown with Looter’s perk

  • Fixed an error thrown on Photographer’s perk in the Reforged version

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