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ryan96t released this version on Jul 19, 2021

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Version 3.0.0:

Changed how the modifier (for Perks, Rewards, and Level Locked Rewards works) (by “borrowing” some code on StackOverflow, thank you original author of that):

– It now supports complex mathematical equations to further customize the amount of prize given

– Like “(((2 * 2) + 8) / 6)” if you wanted to go that complicated should work fine

– Though, simple shit like “2” should still work fine

– %player-level% is still supported in this

Rewrote the perks distribution system:

– Each skill’s perk was being handled by its own class file and that was just a waste of space and code so I condensed it down, found a few bugs along the way

Fixed rewards with amounts greater than 64 not getting delivered to the player

Fixed Fisherman’s perk looking in Gladiator’s folder

Removed being able to set perk and reward chance settings to integers, forcing everyone to use doubles now (several bugs were found related to this toggleable feature)

Fixed Harvester’s perk erroring out due to a missing setting in the config:

– The “Amount”=“” setting was missing, I added it to the default configuration but those who do not wish to reset their configs for this update need to go add that manually (see here: https://hastebin.com/edabaqozad.rust for a specific example, though there will be one below too)

Fixed the Rewards module rarely giving their rewards despite having very high chances ( ^ one of those bugs)

Versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2:

Fixed big bug with EXP and leveling up:

– Some if not all skills would instantly level you up to max level due to a few miscellaneous things going wrong, all of these things should be fixed now

Fixed the complex modifier evaluation code:

– I ended up removing the code I “borrowed” from the last version and added a different system, with its own dependency (which is built directly into PixelSkills, which is why the jar file size shot up)

– This required a change to be made to basically every String modifier every place where there is a modifier. A “Function” field is now necessary (and might? auto generate, can’t remember honestly) along with the actual “Modifier” field

— The modifier evaluator doesn’t like it when the modifier String starts with an operator like “multiply” for some reason Added support of the complex modifier evaluation code to the EXP needed for level-up system:

– By doing this, though, I had to change the default format for the exp.conf files

– If you don’t care to, I would reset them for each skill. If not, I’ll paste what that section looks like now for you to manually fix below

Fixed Fisherman displaying as Darwinist in the default GUI settings

– Just a note, this won’t apply to already-generated GUI settings config files

Fixed some perks throwing errors due to missing “Amount” fields:

– If, for some reason, your perks still error out, check the perks config file for the skill and make sure it has its Amount field

Fixed the Skill Candy not leveling up correctly

Fixed the admin commands not leveling up correctly

Added a new config file, global-settings.conf, that adds the ability to toggle access permissions and EXP messages for all skills in a convenient way

Fixed a crash when automated systems (like Extra Utilities 2’s Mechanical User block) caused PixelSkills code to activate

Version 3.1.0:

Added the ability to attach functions (listed below) to the icons in the Skills GUI:

– Simply add a Function=[] list to your slot you want to add functions to in the GUI settings config (I’ll post an example below) and put whatever functions you want to use in it

– CloseMenu:

— Closes the player’s current menu (namely, the skills GUI) – ExecuteConsoleCommand:

— Executes the following command as console

— Supports using %player% to pass in the player’s name – ExecutePlayerCommand:

— Executes the following command as the player

— Supports using %player% to pass in the player’s name – SendMessage:

— Sends the following text (supports formatting codes) to the player as a message – TeleportPlayer:

— Teleports the player to the following location Version 3.2.0:

Rewrote pretty much all of the Artificer skill:

– I replaced pretty much all of the ContainerCloseEvents I was using to execute everything with the actual events in Forge’s API meant for those things, so that alone should fix quite a few issues people have been having with Artificer

Added Smelting-Items task to Artificer

Added Enchanting-Tools task to Artificer

Fixed an error thrown with Looter’s perk

Fixed an error thrown on Photographer’s perk in the Reforged version

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