100% overhaul on Legendary spawning. Get in control of what spawns on your server.



ryan96t released this version on Nov 25, 2021

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Version 7.0.7:

  • Fixed sacrificed items and Pokemon not being taken from the player in the custom spawn triggers and the spawn requirements modules (was broken on the triggers module, was actually never even added to the spawn requirements module, lol)

  • Fixed custom shrines firing twice, potentially spawning two Pokemon

  • Added some more information to be printed when debug mode is enabled, specifically when checking for if a Pokemon has any requirements on the spawn command

Version 7.0.8:

  • Fixed an issue caused by Reforged’s senseless change to the EnumSpecies.legendaries list

Version 7.0.9:

  • Fixed the Pokemon requirement handler just ignoring Pokemon that didn’t have any specs to check (like, if you just put in for your players to have a Latias in their party and set its Sacrifice setting to false and nothing else, the code would just ignore them having any of the required Pokemon in their party, this is fixed now)

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