100% overhaul on Legendary spawning. Get in control of what spawns on your server.



ryan96t released this version on Jul 19, 2021

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Version 4.4.0:

Added support of changing how the time value in the list looks:

– By default, its set to option 1 (which is how it has always looked) – You can now set it to option 2, which will show as like “13 minutes ago” instead of the time at which that event happened – I’ll provide screenshots showing examples below

Added a spawner failsafe module:

– Disabled by default, this setting will let you tell Legendary Generator to rerun the spawner code at a faster rate than the default natural spawner – For example, if your natural spawner runs once every 2 hours and fails, you can tell Legendary Generator to rerun the spawner code every 2 minutes, which it will do until a spawn is successful. – When this system is successful at spawning a legendary, it will turn itself off until it is needed again

Fixed a bug with the Pokedex requirement in the Reforged version where I was dumb and forgot to * 100 to get the actual percentage value, causing that requirement to always return false when used

Just to be safe I do recommend deleting your last-spawn-list.conf files for this update, just to make sure that there’s no funny business going on with old String values being read by the new system. Otherwise, both these new config settings will generate on their own when updating to this version.

New settings: (again, these generate automatically, so don’t worry about where they go) last-spawn-list.conf: # Sets the format used for displaying the time value # Option 1 shows it as the time in which it was spawned (example: April 26th at 02:45) # Option 2 shows it as how long ago from the spawn occurred (example: 11 hours, 3 minutes ago) Time-Setting=1 legendarygenerator.conf: Spawn-Failsafe { Enabled=false Interval=“5 minutes” Triggered=false }

Version 4.5.0:

Added support of more time values (will post them below)

Added “/lg when” (requires “legendarygenerator.command.when”), a command that will tell the user when the next spawn attempt will be

Added a setting in the last-spawn-list.conf file for you to change the text of the hoverable message

DAY(0, 12000), MIDDAY(5500, 6500), AFTERNOON(6000, 12000), DUSK(12000, 13800), NIGHT(13450, 22550), MIDNIGHT(17500, 18500), DAWN1(22500, 24000), DAWN2(0, 300), MORNING1(22500, 24000), MORNING2(0, 6000), ALWAYS(-1, -1);

Version 5.0.0:

Rewrote the custom spawn triggers (custom shrines) module:

– Each trigger now gets stored in its own config file, in a new “custom-triggers” folder in the config folder. This will help dramatically to avoid clutter because these requirements are now quite lengthy depending on how specific you want to be

– Added support of a permission requirement

– Rewrote the Pokemon requirement, it can support A LOT more stuff now (will post an example config)

– Rewrote the Inventory requirement, fixing a few bugs here and there and improving the logic, adding support of a few more things (namely, item metadata)

– Added the ability to set a limit on how many times a trigger can be activated per player:

— This is kept track with LuckPerms permissions, so * players won’t be able to use any shrines (sorry staff) – Added support of using PixelSkills skill levels as requirements

– Added support of GCES legendary restrictions (dunno why I never did this honestly)

Added missing commands for the legendary points:

– /lg add adds that amount of LP to the player

– /lg remove removes that amount of LP to the player if possible

– /lg checklp tells you how many LP that player has

Added support of a permission requirement on the default spawn requirements module

Version 5.1.0:

Rewrote the spawn requirements module for the default spawner to match the new system used for the custom spawn triggers:

– As a reminder, each Pokemon’s spawn requirements are now handled in their own files, stored in the new “spawn-requirement-files” folder in the config folder

– There is a Biomes=[] list that this module checks for that is required! Otherwise, Legendary Generator won’t be able to tell what biomes you want to restrict these legendaries in!

– Like with the custom spawn triggers system rewrite, I’ll include an example config for this new system below

Fixed the black/white lists in the custom-spawn-settings.conf file not working

Added a confirmation GUI to the exchange menu

Added the ability to set up custom listings in the exchange menu

(Seems like an extremely underwhelming amount of changes for such a big update….)

Config changes:

exchange-rates.conf: Exchange-Rates { “Mew-Shiny:true”=100 “Mewtwo”=350 “Rayquaza-Level:10”=750 “Entei-Texture:shadow”=100 “Arceus-Form:10”=100 “Special-test1”=100 } Special-Cases { “test1” { Display { “Display-Name”=“&aSpecial item 1” “ID”=“minecraft:paper” “Lore”= “&cClick me to buy !” } Execute= “give %player% pixelmon:ultra_ball 16” Message=“You’ve claimed the test 1 item!” } }

spawn-requirements.conf: Requirements=[]

Now, you’ll set these up like: Requirements= “.conf”

Like volcanion.conf for example. (Used to generate like Requirements {})

Version 5.1.1:

Updated GCES module support due to the recent GCES update

Fixed an issue on the Reforged version where the custom triggers or spawn requirements (I can’t remember which) template config file was not present to be used to generate new files

Version 5.1.2:

Fixed errors being thrown when using the exchange menu if PixelSkills was not present

Fixed the natural spawner using the custom triggers config location instead of the spawn requirements config location

Added a debug command:

– “/lg debug on|true|off|false”

– Disabled by default, generates in the legendarygenerator.conf file, Misc-Settings field

– Requires “legendarygenerator.command.admin”

– You can use “on” or “true” to turn it on, use “off” or “false” to turn it off

– When enabled, this will cause a crap ton of information to be displayed in console as LG is running its code. More helpful for me than for you guys when there’s a problem, but if there is a problem then turn on debug mode and try again to generate the messages and then ask for my help, as it will be much faster for me to help diagnose an issue with these messages.

Version 6.0.0:

Rewrote the natural spawner and the spawner command:

– Fixed false negatives caused by the requirements handler

– Fixed (or rather, improved) spawn selection randomization

Fixed the spawner failsafe getting stopped when it shouldn’t be

Fixed UB spawns not getting blocked on the Reforged version because of their dumbass spawner system

Added the ability to set “custom” legendary Pokemon:

– This isn’t like fakemon shit, no, lol

– This is more like setting Bidoof as a spawnable legendary

– A default spawner blacklist now exists in the custom spawn settings config for telling LG to NOT spawn non-legendary Pokemon (like Bidoof in this case) so that it will only spawn as a legendary

Fixed shiny chance and spawn chance updater modules not working

Added support of using “leg” or “legendary” to specify a Pokemon name in the spawner command:

– /lg spawn Lypaka biome leg:Bidoof

Added the ability to set a custom sound to be played when a legendary is spawned:

– You can set a specific sound to a specific Pokemon

– You can set a specific sound to all Pokemon

– You can set a specific sound to a specific Pokemon while also setting a custom default sound for all other Pokemon

Added the ability to set different spawn locations to different dimensions:

– This should fix using “surface” mode which causes legendaries to spawn above bedrock in the Nether

– Supports dimension IDs from other mods (or at least should?)

Fixed Time values being off by 2000 ticks

Fixed Time returning DAY or NIGHT when in a smaller timeframe window inside one of those main times of day (morning, dusk, midnight, etc)

Removed debug messages on the time requirement handler

Removed mandatory Nucleus dependency:

– If Nucleus is not present, the AFK module will just not be checked

– As it turns out, the vanish module wasn’t dependent on Nucleus so yeah, that’s cool

Version 6.0.1:

Fixed the updater modules for both shiny chance and spawn chance not working correctly

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