ryan96t released this version on Dec 26, 2020

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- Rewrote the spawner system:
    - Fixed (hopefully?) errors with getting random player arguments

    - Fixed (hopefully?) errors/nothing happening when using the spawn command

    - Fixed the "shiny" command argument apparently doing nothing in one scenario

    - Added support of a white list and a black list for biomes, worlds, and dimensions
        - These can be confusing, so be careful!

- Removed support of LastLegend (Generations)/LegendaryPlus (Reforged)

- Added custom-built replacement for both of those plugins:
    - Legendary Generator will now keep track of the legendaries it spawns
    - The number of legendaries it keeps track of is configurable
    - The list will show name, time of last updated event (spawning/catching/defeating/despawning), who caught/killed it (depending on permissions, configurable), and current status (alive, despawned, captured, defeated)

- Added a capture event listener and a defeat listener for updating the active status of spawned legendaries

- Added a scheduled task that runs at a configurable interval to check for despawned legendaries

- Added support of Nucleus' Afk handler

- Added a setting in the main config to toggle whether legendaries can spawn on afk players

- Rewrote the message system:
    - Added Capture-Messages, Despawn-Messages, and Defeat-Messages
    - Added support of Boss Bars, Action Bars, Title messages, and hover text in the spawn message
    - Added support of showing different messages to different permission groups

- Added "lg" alias to Legendary Generator command

- Added "/lg list" to show the spawned legendaries list:
    - requires permission node "legendarygenerator.command.list"

- Removed the random giver command...I just didn't think it was necessary anymore


- Fixed the config overwriting "captured" and "defeated" legendary listings with "despawned"

- Fixed the config saving itself too fast when updating the spawned legendary list, causing errors

- Fixed the plugin throwing a BoundsMustBePositive error when the command was used on a player in a biome that has no natural spawns
    Note: this won't make stuff magically spawn, you must put spawns in these biomes in the config for things to spawn there

- Added a print out message to the console when the plugin detects a biome with no natural spawns, so server owners can find those biomes easier to add spawns to them

- Fixed the spawner system not considering Nucleus to be an optional dependency, throwing errors when Nucleus was not present in the server

- Added support of GCES's individual legendary locking system

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