A tier based progression system for catching, leveling, and trading Pokemon for Pixelmon



ryan96t released this version on Jul 19, 2021

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- Added a world blacklist setting to tell GCES to not activate its restrictions in those worlds (it should auto generate in the misc.conf file)

- Fixed Kubfu and Urshifu not being restricted by the legendary catching restriction

- Fixed an error on the Reforged version during the battle start listener


- Added difficulty settings:

	-- 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, and Hard) are now supported and will generate with this update. Can choose to use them or not.

	-- A Default difficulty also exists which, obviously, serves as the default difficulty when the other 3 are not being used

- Added the ability to allow GCES restrictions to be optional:

	-- When enabled in the config, players will not be automatically put into a Tier and will be able to play Pixelmon as if GCES was not installed
	-- If optional is disabled, will force-set players into whatever tier you have set to be the default tier (again, defaults to Default tier if all others are disabled) upon join

- Rewrote the commands:

	-- The permission commands have been merged into one sub command:
		--- /gces permission|perm <add|set|remove|unset> <player> <permission>

	-- Added a difficulty sub command:
		--- /gces difficulty|diff <check|set> <player> [<difficulty>]

		--- /gces diff check <player>
		--- /gces diff set <player> <difficulty>

	-- Changed the permission node for the "/gces check" command from "gces.command.list" to "gces.command.check" to avoid confusion

- Fixed most if not all cases of "Catching" and "Leveling" being case sensitive

- Added support of NPCOptions:

	-- You can now set NPC Trainers configured with NPCOptions to pull and use the player's current max Leveling tier level

	-- This supports a modifier to the level value which you can find on the GCES wiki

- Added a spawns listener:

	-- This, when enabled, will scale the natural spawns of Pokemon to match player's current max Catching tier level

	-- This also supports the same modifier as the NPC Trainer Pokemon level setter

- Added support of restricting Z-Moves in the Reforged version:

	-- This was always possible, apparently, I was just too dumb to find it

- Added support of my SpawnValidation plugin:

	-- If GCES is told to scale the spawns and you're using my SpawnValidation plugin, the two modules will work together to modify the natural spawns based on both of their respective features

- Fixed world blacklist setting looking in wrong config file (thus, never working)

- Fixed a typo in the account handler checking for the Mega Evolution permission in the correct file, then looking in a completely different file for the actual permission

- Fixed a typo in the Dynamax permission stuff in the Reforged version checking for a node that didn't exist in the config

- Cleaned up code differences between the two versions to make big updates like this not as much of a hassle in the future

- Fixed not being able to level up skill tier level restrictions:

        -- /gces lvlup skills <player> <skillname>

        -- /gces setlvl skills <player> <level> <skillname>

- Added a help command (Contribution made by John Clark#7313):

        -- Type just "/gces" and it will pop up with usages of the commands in GCES


- Fixed (potentially?) player account levels getting reset when applying new difficulty settings

This release has no dependencies