Competitive ELO System for Pixelmon


Pixelmon Showdown is a plugin for Pixelmon Reforged that mimics Pokemon Showdown for multiplayer Sponge servers. It allows players to open a simple to use interface and queue for different formats to earn Elo points in match-made ladders. Formats are configurable and highly customizable featuring Pokemon clauses, item clauses, move clauses, ability clauses and complex clauses, which allow you to ban the combination of the former (for example, Speed Boost Blaziken).


Some of the features of the plugin are:

  • Functional elo system that tracks elo rating, wins, losses, and winrate
  • Matchmaking that attempts to match players with similar elo ratings
  • Ability to make multiple highly customizable competitive formats
  • Leaderboards that display the top players in each format
  • Arenas that teleport players when a match starts
  • Custom team preview & selection
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Highly customizable configuration files


  • Pixelmon Reforged (Required)
  • TeslaPowered (Required)


I am most active on discord, with my own development server here.

Category: Games

Published on Jul 31, 2019


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250 total downloads

Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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