Restrict players from going above or below a certain altitude


  • Restrict players from going above or below a certain altitude
  • Made for Sponge API 7.1.0

1.Commands and permissions

1.1 Commands

  • /bsr aka /bacoskyrestrict (Base Command)
  • /bsr reload (Reload the config)
  • /bsr getworld (Get the world you are currently in)

1.2 Permissions

  • bacoskyrestrict.command.base (Base Command)
  • bacoskyrestrict.command.reload (Reload command)
  • bacoskyrestrict.command.getworld (Getworld command)
  • bacoskyrestrict.bypassrestriction (Bypass restriction)
  • bacoskyrestrict.admin (All commands and bypass restriction)


2.1 MainConfig

  • AllowIfOverLimit=false // If this is set to true it will not displace players if they somehow get over the limit
  • DisableLimitInWorld=“WorldName1,WorldName2,WorldName3” // Disable the restriction in a certain world
  • EnableLimit=true // Enable or disable the limit
  • HeightLimit=256 // Set the height limit.
  • ReverseDirection=false // Reverse the direction of the restriction (The default is restricting players from going above a certain limit)
  • SetGlassBelow=false // If true on teleport due to restriction set the block under the player to glass if the block is air. Will not work if height limit is above 256
  • TpAmount=10 //Set the amount of blocks the player will be teleported

2.2 Messages

  • DisableDisplayMessage=false // Disable the display message
  • DisablePrefix=false // Disable the message prefix
  • DisplayMessage=“You are not allowed to go over y level 256” // Set the display message
  • Prefix="BacoSkyRestrict " // Set the message prefix

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Published on Jul 11, 2019


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