A plugin for creating and giving players quests as items


ItemQuests is a plugin that allows server owners to create and give out quests as items to players, with support for developers to add their own custom objectives for quests.


Create custom quests

ItemQuests allows you to create an infinite number of quests, with as many steps as you need and as many objectives per steps as you require. Quests have a built in dupe protection which stops quests from being duplicated and redeemed multiple times.

Time Restricted Quests

Quests can be set to either unlimited use mode, set use mode, or time restricted mode. This allows server owners to control how often players can do quests.


Quest Requirements

Quests can have specific requirements to be able to claim and complete, from permissions to minimum or maximum quest requirements of other quests. This allows server owners to determine quest progression.


Group Quests By Tags

You can group quests by tags, which can then be used to randomly select a quest from a group, supporting weighting.

Quest Boards To Display Quests

A quest board, either for all quests, a group of quests, or a specific quest, can be brought up which allows players to accept quests, with built-in purchasing systems.


/itemquest create <name> - Creates an ItemQuest
/itemquest edit <name> - Edits an ItemQuest
/itemquest give <random/quest/grouprandom> <player> - Gives the user an ItemQuest
/itemquest list - Lists the names of all loaded ItemQuests
/itemquest board <all/group/quest> - Opens a quest board for the specified type
/itemquest progress <node> <amount> <player> - Gives a player progress for a specific objective node
/itemquest reload - Reloads the ItemQuests configs
/itemquest resetuses <quest> <player> - Resets all use data for a player
/itemquest delete <quest> - Deletes an ItemQuest

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Published on Jul 29, 2021




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