Adds permission contexts indicating whether a player is far enough away from other players or hostile mobs



dualspiral released this version on May 14, 2022

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A simple plugin for SpongeAPI 7 (at the moment) that adds the permission contexts safe_from_player and safe_from_hostile_mob. They will be added to all players, and either set to true or false. You can use these to set permissions based on whether a player is safe from potentially hostile entities.

To attempt to save on resources, the contexts are cached and updated once a second. To guard against players trying to disconnect and reconnect, the contexts are defaulted to false when a player connects.

If you are using LuckPerms, see their wiki page on contexts for more info on how to use these contexts.


There are two config options - player-safe-radius and hostile-mob-safe-radius - radius is in blocks.