This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.



blood released this version on Mar 12, 2019

1.2 MB


  • Fix active context accumulation.
    LP caches active contexts for 50ms when added so we need to make sure to remove all GP related active context when required.
  • Fix various interaction issues with mods.
  • Fix left/right-click interaction with stick and shovel not working properly in all cases.
  • Fix /cpp and /cpg not displaying result properly.
  • Add 2 new options for managing search radius :
  1. griefprevention.radius-claim-list controls the radius used when using /claimlist command. Setting to 0 falls back to original functionality and returns all claims. Default is 0.
  2. griefprevention.radius-claim-inspect controls the radius used when right-clicking with inspection tool(stick) to search for nearby claims. Default is 50.