This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.



blood released this version on Mar 7, 2019

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  • Add border-block-radius for extra protection around claims. Many modded blocks, when placed next to claim border, can cause grief to surrounding blocks. To solve this issue, set ‘border-block-radius’ to 1 or higher depending on how deep the block searches. Note: This setting will only affect block placement and claim resize/creations. Avoid setting this setting too high as it may cause performance to degrade.
  • Add permission ‘griefprevention.admin.ignore.border-check’ for players to bypass if needed.
  • Fix writable books not closing when cancelled.
  • Fix client visual glitch when interacting with flower pots.
  • Change config ‘auto-claim-radius’ to ‘auto-chest-claim-block-radius’. Note: If you had this disabled previously, make sure to disable the new setting.
  • Removed block place surrounding listener check in favor of new border feature.