This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.



blood released this version on Jan 10, 2019

1.2 MB


  • Add leaf-decay flag.
  • Add support for overriding sponge pvp config.
  • Add config option to toggle gp prefix for greeting/farewell messages.
  • Fix possible dupe with pistons.
  • Fix wrong source being used during explosions.
  • Fix WorldEditCUI support check condition.
  • Fix EFLN explosions affecting claim borders.
  • Fix TaxApplyTask not checking tax balance.
  • Fix claims not being frozen after unpaid taxes.
  • Fix entity spawn not checking override when trusted.
  • Fix debug not ending when limit is reached.
  • Fix player name async lookup.
  • Fix trust when entities are attacked.
  • Fix trust with entity-spawn flag.
  • Fix players being killed during MoveEntityEvent.
  • Fix subdivisions not showing up in claim list when being sold.
  • Fix teleport to other claims without trust.
  • Improve claimbuyblocks command.
  • Update bStats for Metrics2.
  • Update de_DE.conf.