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blood released this version on Mar 6, 2017

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Changelog: Build 269: bloodshot: Use active contexts during permission checks. Fixes #340 * Fix dupe with OpenComputer robots. Fixes #341 * Fix visuals not showing on top of snow layered blocks. * Don’t prevent world unloads during server shutdown. * Don’t create block snapshots while searching for visual block locations.

Build 267: Simon LeiƟ: Load claims in all worlds if GLOBAL_PLAYER_STORAGE is used. Fixes #333. bloodshot: Finish multiworld support for global playerdata. * Fix entity interact handlers blocking trusted players. * Fix interact-entity-primary not checking perms for true setting. * Fix interact-item-secondary cancelling events with no item in hand. * Fix claimspawn not working properly via claiminfo in different world. * Fix abandon claims not working properly with claims in multiple worlds. * Fix block-break and block-place not checking for natural breaks and place. Note: You can now prevent snow from melting/forming using break and place flags. * Add multi-world support for /playerinfo and /claimlist. * Make sure claim filenames are always 36 in length to prevent unnecessary loads. * Don’t unload worlds that have active claims. Fixes #330, Fixes #333, Fixes #336

Build 264: bloodshot: Fix entity teleport flags. Fixes #227

Build 263: bloodshot: Add support for LocatableBlockSpawnCause. Fixes #327 bloodshot: Fix transferOwner not checking requiresClaimBlocks. Fixes #320 bloodshot: Ignore falling block collisions. Fixes #313, Fixes #245 bloodshot: Make all events listen before modifications. This should fix some issues with mods, such as HarvestCraft, not checking for cancelled events and running logic regardless. It should also improve performance as mod event listeners will not receive an event if GP cancels it. Note: This will require latest sponge builds in order to function properly.

Build 261: bloodshot: Ignore falling block collisions. Fixes #313, Fixes #245

Build 260: bloodshot: Fix transferOwner not checking requiresClaimBlocks. Fixes #320

Build 259: bloodshot: Add support for LocatableBlockSpawnCause. Fixes #327

Build 258: bloodshot: Don’t check for overrides in wilderness. Fixes #321

Build 255: bloodshot: Add missing claim overlap checks to handle remaining scenarios.

Build 254: bloodshot: Fix onBlockNotify not blocking updates to wilderness. If a block in a claim notifies its surrounding blocks and one of those blocks ends up in the wilderness, GP will now validate before allowing the tracking to be updated. If the target position already contains tracking for a user not trusted by the claim, the update will be blocked. This prevents situations where a non-trusted player places a block at edge of a claim that attempts to break a block inside a claim but cannot until a trusted player accidentally causes an update to the block position which allows it through. Note: To see tracking in any block position, you need to have SpongeForge installed on client and have necessary permissions to view tracking. Simply press F3 and look at a block to check owner or notifier. * Fix interact-entity flags ignoring players. * Fix entity-damage flags not handling players properly. * Add flag override support for interact-entity and entity-damage flags.

Build 253: bloodshot: Add Polis data migrator. For those on Polis, GP now offers an automatic migrator that will convert all polis data into GP. To enable, simply set the polis-migrator to true in GP’s global config which can be found under ‘/config/griefprevention/worlds/global.conf’ Due to Polis towns containing scattered chunks around the world, GP works around this by grouping all neighboring chunks that are part of same town then creates a basic claim for the entire chunk group. After migration is complete, the town leader and members can simply run /claimlist to list all claims that were part of his/her Polis town. As for town balances, the remaining balances will be transferred to town leader of each town. Note: Before running migrator, it is important to backup all data including economy data. bloodshot: Set default flag permissions async on startup. Fixes #294 bloodshot: Set default options async. bloodshot: Update RedProtectMigrator to support latest RP builds. bloodshot: Ignore ‘ItemTypes.NONE’ in ‘InteractItemEvent.Secondary’ listener. This should no longer blocks players simply right-clicking with no item in hand and proceed to either entity or block interaction checks. bloodshot: Add claim spawn feature. Refactor Trust API. * Add TrustClaimEvent. * Add new options : max-claim-x, max-claim-y, and max-claim-z * Add API methods to access max accrued blocks and new x/y/z options. * Add /trustall command to trust a user across all your claims. * Add /claimspawn command to teleport to claim spawn. * Add /claimsetspawn command to set claim’s spawn. * Add new admin setting ‘RequiresClaimBlocks’ which allows an admin to force a claim to not cost any blocks for the claim owner. * Properly handle cancelling claim delete events. * Fix trusted users not being able to interact with protected animals. * Fix InteractItemEvent listener. * Fix overlap claim check. * Improve /claiminfo corner teleports. * Bump API version to 0.2 Fixes #278, Fixes #288, Fixes #297 Fixes #298, Fixes #300, Fixes #301 Fixes #303, Fixes #306 bloodshot: Fix subdivisions not saving properly.