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A Sponge plugin to connect your Minecraft server with Discord

Discord Bridge

Important Note

As the Original Author of this plugin has appeared to go inactive, or at the very least exceptionally busy with other projects, I have released a heavily updated version here on Ore. This plugin will always belong to Nguyenquyhy, Additionally, he and Mohron have been invited to this Ore page as developers, as they have contributed a lot to make DiscordBridge what it is.

The original forum thread can be found here

Updates Since 2.4.0

  • Added Twitter Listening Support
  • Added framework for adding Discord Commands.
  • Added following Discord Commands:
    • !players command. When run, prints a list of all players online.
    • !ban - Bans Discord Users (Will add Minecraft bans in the future)
    • !kick - Kicks Discord Users (^ Ditto)
    • !players - Prints all online users.
    • !tps - Shows server TPS
  • Added Support for Boop
  • Remove minecraft color codes from messages sent to Discord
  • Prevents Connection Messages for players with: nucleus.connectionmessages.disable
  • Updates Channel Description to ‘Offline’ when server is stopped. (Does not support crashes)
  • Updates Channel Description to Player Count when server is online. Changes as players log on and off.


  • Player’s chat messages in Minecraft are sent to specified Discord channels, and chat messages in specific Discord channels are also sent to online players in Minecraft.

  • Multiple channels with custom configuration for each channel. E.g.:

    • 1 public channel to send & receive messages between Discord and Minecraft
    • 1 monitoring channel to record only server start/stop and player join/leave events
    • 1 staff-only channel that send message one-way from Discord to Minecraft with a special announcement template
  • Admins and mods can log in to their own Discord account, so that chat messages show under their names in Discord.

  • Emoji is converted between Minecraft and Discord format. Details are showed in

  • Clickable URL.

  • Set game activity of the bot

  • Ignore Discord messages from all bots with ignoreBots and/or blacklist certain prefixes with prefixBlacklist

  • Support One-Time Password

  • Mentions in Discord show properly in Minecraft with configurable templates.

  • Mentions from Minecraft are supported with permission control.

  • Attachments in Discord show proper links in Minecraft.

  • Support separate Minecraft templates based on Discord roles.

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Getting Started

Please refer to and Getting in the GitHub repository for details. Some sample configurations can be found at examples folder

Discord Permissions

The bot will need the following permissions:

  • Read/Send Messages - For Obvious Reasons
  • Manage Messages - For removing ‘command’ messages like !kick
  • Kick Members - For the !kick command (Additional Perm check is added to check if the Role of the User can use this)
  • Ban Members - For the !ban command (Additional Perm check is added to check if the Role of the User can use this)
  • Manage Channel - Setting Channel Description


In its current form, it allows you to register a listener using Access Tokens, generated through the twitter account.

  • AccessToken
  • AccessSecretToken
  • ConsumerKey
  • ConsumerSecretKey

Once these are added to a channel in the config, the bot will listen for any status updates (new tweets) from that account and post them to the Discord Channel of the channel it is registered with.

These can be created by making an ‘app’ here


Discord Bridge aims to be universal. Currently, it supports Boop and Nucleus, with more chat support coming in the future.

Certain ‘Custom Channels’ such as Nucleus’ Staff Chat get filtered out and are not set to the universal channel, and thus remain amongst staff.


The latest release is developed on SpongeAPI 4.1.0. Although this works with the latest version of sponge.

More details on this plugin (building, configuration, commands) can be found in the in the GitHub repository.

I hope this plugin is useful to you :).

Discord Bridge is licensed under MIT License.

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Published on Jul 07, 2017


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