_ImPat / Antibot for Sponge

Plugin to prevent Join-bots from filling up your slots and spamming the chat.

AntiBot for Sponge

AntiBot for Sponge is a plugin designed to stop Join-bots from filling up your servers slots and to prevent them from spamming the chat with join messages or spam messages.

AntiBot for Sponge will automatically enable the whitelist when too many new Players, that have never been on the Server before, join the game within 10 seconds. Players that have been on the server for at least 5 minutes will automatically be added to the whitelist.

Although AntiBot for Sponge isn’t designed for offline-mode servers, it is still compatible with them.

AntiBot for Sponge is a highly configurable plugin. Server admins can configure both the messages that are sent and the whitelist intervals/maximum amount of players to join.

Category: Protection

Published on Feb 24, 2018


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Licensed under MIT